Topics of training sessions, scientific and training sessions, scientific sessions, meetings with an expert:

  1.  Neuroradiology
  2. Diagnostic imaging of the head and neck and dental radiology
  3. Diagnostic imaging of the lungs and pleura
  4. Cardiovascular radiology
  5. Diagnostic imaging of the abdominal cavity and gastrointestinal tract
  6. Imaging diagnostics of the genitourinary system 
  7. Breast imaging diagnostics
  8. Image diagnostics of the motion system 
  9. Pediatric radiology
  10. Occupational radiology
  11. Oncology radiology
  12. Radiology of emergencies
  13. Hybrid imaging
  14. Engineering and medical physics
  15. Radiological protection
  16. Session of electroradiology technicians
  17. Radiology management
  18. Other